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Hilo Operator New Boston Michigan 2nd Shift $15.00

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 Position Overview
 Serve as material handler in forge shop. Transports racks of bar steel, scrap metal hoppers, dies, air rams, hot boxes, ect. Co-ordinates movement of materials with forge shop manager and shipping clerk, forging crews.
 Roles / Responsibilities
 Drives powered industrial truck equipped with forks and swivel hook to lift, stack and move various materials in the forge shop
 Moves levers and presses pedals to drive truck and control movement of lifting apparatus
 Positions forks or lifting swivel hook under or over material to be lifted or transported
 Transports load to designated area, unloads, stacks material by raising or lowering lifting device
 Checks all fluids in fork truck, including brakes
 Weigh up hot boxes
 Empty scrap hoppers when full
 Transport cut steel to forge shop from shear room
 Transport and place hot trim dies in storage and hammer dies in die room
 Place new dies in hot boxes
 Performs other related duties as required or directed
 Maintains work area and equipment in a clean and orderly condition
Skills / Competencies
 Self Motivated
 Work well in fast pace environment
 Communicate with co-workers and supervisors
 weight scale skills
 computer skills
 Fork Truck License
Specific Vocational Preparation (education & experience level)
 Semi-Skilled - Thirty days to three months
  Internal Training Needs
 Die Change
 Trimming techniques
 Part Handling
 Internal Training Needs
 Notify Hot Inspector and supervisor when heat code changes
 Weigh all scrap hoppers and fill out scale sheet before dumping scrap
 LOCKOUT / TAGOUT – AFFECTED  Strength Guide (select one)
 Exert force to 20lbs occasionally or 10lbs frequently MEDIUM
 Exert force to 20-50lbs occasionally or 10-25lbs frequently HEAVY
 Exert force to 50-100lbs occasionally or 25-50lbs frequently
 Physical Demands
 ClimbingOCrawlingNATalkingOFar Acuity
 BalancingNAReachingFHearingFDepth Perception
 KneelingNAFingeringFSmellingNAColor Vision
 CrouchingOFeelingNANear AcuityOField of Vision
 NA = Not at this timeO = OccasionalF = Frequent
 Environmental Working Conditions
 Wet and / or humid OExtreme heatO
 Exposure to weather FExtreme cold
 Noise intensity LOther: Vibration F
 Moving mech. parts hazardO
 Electrical shock hazard O
 High exposed place hazardO
 N = Not presentF = FrequentQ = Quiet
 O = OccasionalL = LoudM =Moderate

Personal Protective Equipment (required)
 Steel Toe Safety BootsXHilo LicenseX
 Safety GlassesXHeat Shield
 Hard Hat XArm Sleeve
 Ear Plugs XHot Mill Gloves
 Ear Muffs Apron
 Drivers License Other