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Mold Maintenance Technician Charlotte Michigan $50,000k-$55,000 1st Shift

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Job Description/Duties/Responsibilities: 

Why is the Mold Maintenance Technician important to us?

We are seeking an Injection Mold Maintenance Technician to ensure the optimal functioning of our plastic injection molds, a critical component in our digital manufacturing platform. The technician plays a vital
role in maintaining the high-quality manufacturing standards that our customers rely on by implementing a
rigorous mold maintenance program. This position directly contributes to our ability to produce a diverse range
of products efficiently and with precision, embodying our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer
The Injection Mold Maintenance Technician will establish and execute a preventative maintenance schedule
for plastic injection molds, ensuring all tools are in excellent working condition. This role involves hands-on
maintenance work, including using machine and hand tools and occasionally assisting with setting injection
molds. Through effective maintenance practices, the technician will prevent downtime, extend mold life, and
uphold Shapeways' reputation for manufacturing excellence.

In this role, you will:
Develop and implement a preventive maintenance schedule for all plastic injection molds.
Perform regular maintenance tasks using machine and hand tools, ensuring molds are in optimal
Maintain accurate records of maintenance activities to track the performance and condition of each
Collaborate with the Plant Manager, 1st Shift Supervisor, and General Manager to prioritize
maintenance tasks.
Assist in the setting of injection molds as required, contributing to the smooth operation of
manufacturing processes.
Ensure that personal hand tools are maintained and in good working condition for use in mold
maintenance activities.
Work effectively across different teams, demonstrating strong teamwork and communication skills.

Minimum Skills/Mandatory Skills/Experience Needed for Hire:
You might be a good fit if you have/are:

5+ years of experience in plastic injection mold maintenance, including experience with mold tear-
downs, re-assembly, and preventative maintenance.
High School Diploma/GED; further education in a relevant field is a plus.
Familiarity with wiring manifolds and hot runners.
Excellent written and oral communication skills.
Ability to work well with others, exhibiting strong teamwork skills.
Good problem-solving abilities and a detail-oriented approach to tasks.
A commitment to maintaining high-quality standards and contributing to continuous improvement

Educational Requirement:
High School Diploma/GED; further education in a relevant field is a plus.

Safety Supplies Required/Provided/Entering & Parking/Dress Code/Additional Information/etc.:
Dress Code is casual work attire appropriate for working in a warehouse/manufacturing facility

Background/Screening/Licensing Requirements:
Drug Screen:  No  
Marijuana Permitted:  Not on site
Background Check:  Yes
                Prohibitions: Case by Case Basis